COG’s purpose is to serve others by facilitating global family volunteering. COG is an apolitical organization that operates with a Christian faith at the center and with God’s world in mind rather than solely God’s people. 
COG’s focus is on helping families of all religious and cultural backgrounds find opportunities to serve others locally and around the world. COG will help facilitate either short or long term service opportunities and when possible or feasible, COG will facilitate engagement between those families and volunteer opportunities through monetary, informational, and faith-based support. 
Casting Off Globally - Family Volunteers (COG)
COG does not endorse preaching or proselytizing by its volunteers.
The purpose of COG’s volunteers is solely to serve others in ways they need, not the way we see fit.

Volunteers do not need to be Christian.
While COG operates based in a Christian faith, we believe that when people of all faiths work together to serve our brothers and sisters we can begin to change our world.

COG encourages volunteers to participate in various religious activities and ceremonies during their volunteer service.
When we walk the footsteps of our brothers and sisters, we gain respect and appreciation for our differences, as well as begin to see how similar we actually are.
“We may have many different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race.”
Kofi Annan

​What Versus Why

A Blog Post from Sara Hayes, President of Casting Off Globally

Many people have asked about the connection between our faith and the mission to which we have been called. I think the best way is to decipher between the "what" we are doing and the "why" we are doing it; this distinction is crucial.

What we are doing (volunteer and service work) has nothing to do with our religion or even religion at all. Our goal is to serve others as they need it, to help where we can, to try to make their lives a little better, and to show them they are loved beyond their family, their hometown, etc by someone on the other side of the world. We want people to feel the love that we feel from our Lord.

With that being said, we are not seeking to change anyone’s religion, beliefs, traditions, or culture. All we want to do is show them we love them for the person they are today. We want our global brothers and sisters to feel and experience the love we have for them.

Now the "why" we are doing it is deeply rooted in our Christian faith. We believe that we have been called to show Christ’s love for ALL of His children, not for the purpose or sake of changing them, but just to love them. We believe that Christ has called us to this path because people around the world need to feel they are loved by people of different nations, cultures, and religions because God loves ALL His children, and our family can do this; show love to ALL people.

Casting Off Globally, the non-profit that Jeff and I started, has the hope and mission to help families find the opportunities to serve and volunteer together. Casting Off Globally (COG) is the bridge to the “what” but does not impact the “why”. Every family will have a different "why" for their desire to volunteer/serve others and COG wants to embrace that. We want to engage all families in volunteer service and welcome their "why" as a part of their specific story, not ours. Every "why" will be different, as it should be. Our differences are what makes this such a great opportunity for families across the spectrum to serve together and COG can be the key to opening their door to the “what”. We all have different reasons for wanting to serve and COG strives to embrace all of them to help families find their path to volunteer and service so they can make a difference in this world.

Our family’s “why” shaped the formation of COG, which is why we operate it with a Christian foundation, but that foundation cannot and will not get in the way of the “why” or the “what”. The primary goal of COG is to engage families in service and volunteer work together so we can make this world a little better, and whatever the “why” may be, we will work together as a global family to care for all our brothers and sisters.

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