COG’s purpose is to serve others by facilitating global family volunteering. COG is an apolitical organization that operates with a Christian faith at the center and with God’s world in mind rather than solely God’s people. 
COG’s focus is on helping families of all religious and cultural backgrounds find opportunities to serve others locally and around the world. COG will help facilitate either short or long term service opportunities and when possible or feasible, COG will facilitate engagement between those families and volunteer opportunities through monetary, informational, and faith-based support. 
Casting Off Globally - Family Volunteers (COG)
COG does not endorse preaching or proselytizing by its volunteers.
The purpose of COG’s volunteers is solely to serve others in ways they need, not the way we see fit.

Volunteers do not need to be Christian.
While COG operates based in a Christian faith, we believe that when people of all faiths work together to serve our brothers and sisters we can begin to change our world.

COG encourages volunteers to participate in various religious activities and ceremonies during their volunteer service.
When we walk the footsteps of our brothers and sisters, we gain respect and appreciation for our differences, as well as begin to see how similar we actually are.
“We may have many different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race.” Kofi Annan
Are you an orgnization who could use some help and are able to accomodate families and children? Please send us an email and we can add you to our list of partnered organizations.

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Do you need help finding volunteer and service opportunities for your family? Please send us an email so we can work together to connect with you opportunities.
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